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Meg and Patrick: The Wedding 2024

Hello, I'm Claire, and I'm the wedding celebrant who is writing and conducting Meg and Patrick's wedding on 3rd May at the beautiful Pendrell Hall. I'm looking forward to seeing you all, and I'd like to ask you a favour!

You all mean such a lot to Meg and Patrick and so I'd like to include a little in my ceremony about how Meg and Patrick's friends and family would describe them as a couple! So that's where you come in. You don't need to think too long and hard about this - it will be a warm-hearted and fun part of the ceremony - so just a few words or a few lines would be perfect. You can remain anonymous or add your name - entirely up to you. I will share all of the descriptions with the happy couple afterwards but might not have time or space to include everything in the ceremony itself.

*****It's now too late to add anything more into the ceremony, I'm afraid, but anything you leave here will still be shared with Meg and Patrick! *****

Just write whatever comes to mind in the box below! I'm looking forward to seeing your answers!

Thanks for submitting and see you soon!

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