"The ceremony was filled with magical moments that left us, our family and friends with wonderful warm and cherished memories"
E & J


Newly Wed Couple


How do you want to get married?

I create personalised 

ceremonies that wow your guests and truly capture you as a couple. Every aspect of your ceremony is carefully tailored to ensure the vibe is just as you want it, and starts your wedding day off in the perfect way! 

Married Couple

The Re-do

Lots of couples didn't have the wedding they would have loved, and have decided to have a party at a later date. Why not add a personalised ceremony to this as a fabulous focus, and make it more than just a party. Make it the wedding you wanted.


Renewal of Vows

Maybe you have a special anniversary, or life has brought you to a place that you want to recommit yourselves to each other and celebrate your love. Whatever the reason, I can craft a personal and unique ceremony for the couple you are now.



Newborn Baby

Little Ones

Introducing your child to the world is a beautiful 

opportunity to celebrate.

Why not mark the occasion with a naming or welcoming ceremony? 

I will craft and conduct a ceremony especially for you, with some magical and fun elements to welcome your little one into their new community and family.

Smiling Model

Name Change

What's in a name? Well, lots. It is often the first thing people learn about us and sometimes, that name doesn't fit who we truly are. Let me help you celebrate choosing your authentic name and showing the world who you really are.

I work with you to create a fantastic ceremony to mark this significant and exciting part of your journey.

Ready to Party

New Beginnings

New starts, new beginnings don't need to start with a whimper. Be proud and celebrate your new YOU! Together we can craft a truly beautiful ceremony which places you at its heart and shows the world who you are. Mark the start of a new phase in your life surrounded by friends and loved ones and acknowledge the support and strength you have around you. 



Friends Party

Milestone Birthday

Whether it's a 16th, 18th or 21st birthday, or one of those birthdays that end in a zero, make it more than just a party Add a special ceremony for them that puts them at the centre, takes a fun and heart-warming look at their journey so far and looks forward to all the amazing things in store. 

silver birch tree


 Whether you are scattering ashes, planting a tree or just want space and time to come together, dedicated to the person you loved, I create ceremonies that tell the story of the person they were and what they still mean to you. people find this is often a helpful and healing occasion and allows a more personal ceremony than a formal funeral.

Image by Ollie Hoolachan


Are you, or a loved one, reaching a sobriety milestone? Fantastic! While sobriety is always a work in progress, celebrate the journey so far. I work with you to create a ceremony that recognises and reaffirms the  support you have and creates a moment to renew your commitment to your recovery and sobriety .