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There are so many reasons why a Humanist celebrant-led wedding (especially one with me!) might be perfect for you, but I'll just start with a few!

It makes your actual ceremony extra special!

Your ceremony doesn't have to be off-the-shelf, or just something to get through until the party can start. Often couples worry that their wedding ceremony will be stilted, awkward, impersonal and led by someone that they have never even met before the wedding day itself. With me, your ceremony is written and designed specifically for you, and I spend time getting to know both of you and all the things you want and don't want in your ceremony. So on the day, you have a personal, completely bespoke ceremony full of happy tears and laughter, and a wedding ceremony that's unforgettable, for all the right reasons!


It's so flexible!

You can have your ceremony wherever you like. Most of my ceremonies are set in traditional wedding venues, but you are definitely not restricted to this. I conduct lots of beautiful wedding ceremonies in places that are meaningful to the couple, so you have a lot more choice. Inside, outside, in your own home or garden. You choose! I'm also very flexible about the timing of your ceremony. You could have a candlelit twilight ceremony, or say your vows at  golden hour and take advantage of all those beautiful sunset photographs: whenever suits you best. I never book more than one couple on any day, so nothing is rushed.


It makes it personal!

Every single ceremony is unique. The writing process is probably the biggest part of my role, and I spend a lot of time crafting and finding just the right words and elements to create your ceremony. So there are no 'cut and paste'  ceremonies with me. The ceremony is designed for you and with you, and you have the opportunity to see the entire script beforehand to check you are happy with everything before the day. In fact, hear from couples, all the time, that their guests asked them how long they'd known me, because their ceremony was so 'them'!

It's written for who you really are

OK, this one is really important to me. At your wedding, it is especially important for you to have your ceremony honouring the name and identity that is right for you, and that might not necessarily be based on anything written on your birth certificate. If you are saying 'I do', it's only right that you are saying it to the person they really are: their authentic self and their true name. That's what I'm here for.

Your guests will thank you!

We have all sat through those wedding ceremonies, which actually only last 15 minutes but feel like an eternity, where everyone is nervous and just wants to get the party started. Not with me! My goal is to make your ceremony the beating heart of your day and to get your guests in the mood to celebrate in style! There are lots of elements that you can include in your ceremony to make sure everyone feels part of the ceremony and truly welcome. Your guests are not just an audience, they are the people who love you - there to witness the promises you are making to each other. That feeling of bringing everyone together in laughter, happy tears and celebration are what my ceremonies are all about.

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